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Riding Client Has Close Call

It wasn’t long ago when our entire staff took the CPR certification but it’s one of those things many people get but never use. That wasn’t the case last week when one of our new clients, 15-year-old Bryelle Touchton came in for her first ever riding lesson.

She had been asking her parents and grandparents for these lessons and finally decided on our ranch as her choice since she lives right down the road. We put her with our trainer Anibal Garriga de Jesus and his Assistant Joel Ortiz. Bryelle seemed to really enjoy the lesson, smiling and even high fiving Joel on the way back up to the barn as she led Canela, one of the horses we use for lessons.

When she reached the tie down with Canela, everything changed. Byrelle went to her knees and then face down on the ground. Anibal and Joel immediately called for help thinking she had fainted but she was actually in cardiac arrest. Her mom and grandmother ran to her side and tried to wake her. Nothing.

Joel called the office and other staff into action as Anibal tried to revive her. As our team gathered around her with 911 on the line we realized she wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Kim, our COO and Alex, one our trainers, began taking turns doing compressions as Anibal held her airways open and Joel and other team members gathered necessary equipment, talked to 911 and comforted the family.

Our team continued to do compressions and relay information to 911 for 15 minutes before emergency responders arrived and took over. Honestly, it was one of the scariest things most of us have been through. First responders were able to shock her and get a heart beat and then transport her to LRMC and later that evening to Nemours Children’s Hospital. Doctors were shocked that she had survived and they along with Bryelle’s family paid our team a lot of credit for saving her.

The truth is everyone here at the ranch agrees, God guided our hands as we worked, he guided our minds as we talked to 911, grabbed equipment, and comforted the family. He led us to be CPR certified though most people rarely use it, and obviously led Bryelle into our life for this very moment. We are proud of how well our team worked together, we are beyond thrilled that Bryelle is recovering, but not for one moment do we think it was by our own power that tomorrow Bryelle is celebrating her 16th birthday!

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