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Closing out the month with Chispa

I learned a lot about Chispa de Spring this month. If you’ve been following us on social media, you did as well. Hearing Heather describe how she got her name was one of my favorite stories. I can imagine her as a filly running through our pastures looking very much like a little red spark. Her beautiful color and inner fire undoubtedly made her name a good choice.

I listened as our therapy manager, Masha, told me that she was one of her favorites. Masha explained, Chispa can look like she is mad at the world when approached but then wraps around and nozzles her during their therapy sessions.

Her trainer, Alex Zapata, explained to me that she was one of the first foals from Jordan de JN and that we also have one of his last. When recently she was featured in a dinner and exhibition, hosted for our clients, I had the opportunity to finally see her displayed. As the beautiful rhythm of the sounding board echoed across the arena, the pieces and stories I had heard through out the month fell in place. What makes this sassy little Paso Fino such a pleasure to watch is that she uniquely has found a balance of “spark” and professionalism and it is obvious to the observer that she represents her legacy well.

Video of Jordan de JN

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