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Aqua therapy A targeted, contemporary approach to rehabilitation.

Spring Lane Ranch is proud to offer equine Aqua Therapy treatment using a custom-built underwater treadmill. This treadmill provides innovative rehabilitation for your equine athlete. The natural buoyancy provided by the water supports 60% – 70% of the horse’s body weight. This support results in incredible 50% – 60% reduction in impact, and provides trainers and handlers with the ability to rehabilitate the complex, and highly stressed, joints and supporting systems of equine limbs.

The underwater treadmill also provides significant resistance so your horse can develop and maintain cardiovascular fitness. This unique system combines the recovery process with the conditioning program so horses can return to work more prepared than ever before. Since the treadmill requires the horse to use the same muscle groups as standard dry-land work, the tissues are prepared to withstand the stresses of performance. Transitioning back to your dry-land program will be less of a shock. The strengthening of the back, hindquarters, and shoulders achieved with the therapy enables your horse to return to work more comfortably.

Many professional equestrians note an added benefit of underwater treadmill therapy is the facilitation of mental maturity in the subjects. Since your horse learns to trust the handler in a foreign environment, that lesson goes with the horse, back into his regular routine. Studies show this therapy reduces the stress of training and competition for performance horses.

equine aqua therapy image

Location–Spring Lane Ranch is the only Aqua Therapy provider in the area. Centrally located in
Florida, with easy access to major highways.

Thera-Plate Services A targeted, contemporary approach to rehabilitation.

Our Thera-Plate service provides the cutting edge natural and drug-free rehabilitation experience that you have been looking for to care for your equine partner. The equipment uses small circular movements that provide a ZERO IMPACT session that will not aggravate existing conditions.

With the 4 Zone Vortex Wave design, Thera-Plate has become the leader in vibration therapy and is fully endorsed by the USEF. Your horse can benefit from this service.

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Before Theraplate

After Theraplate

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Before Theraplate

During Theraplate Treatment

  • Increased circulation to speed healing
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Increased bone density (more than 30%)
  • Pain relief
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Stress reduction

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All horse breeds welcome.Location– Spring Lane Ranch is the only Aqua therapy provider in the area.Centrally located in Florida, with easy access to major highways.