Mrs Shea

Heather is totally devoted to the horses and guests at spring lane ranch. She is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable on all aspects of Equestrian skills. Heather enjoys sharing her expertise & mastery on horse etiquette.

Jacqueline Sullivan Campbell

Sharing Knowledge and Passion

JuliTrout - Testimonial Photo

Dear Betsy:

Thanks for teaching me to teach!!!!!

Juli Trout

Houston Texas

OTTTB/Sport Horse Trainer

Honest and Loving Horse Professionals

I have been in the horse business for 29 years and up until now I have never known truly honest and loving horse professionals like Heather and Betsy. I was told my horse had wobbles and wouldn’t be able to be shown and Betsy started training her and she is now perfect in every way. Betsy has gently turned her into a beautiful mover, her patience and love for the horses is bar none. My horses are in heaven. Thank you to all of the Spring Lane staff for for creating such a fabulous training facility.

Sheila Preston

Kudos to Betsy McHugh


Kudos to Betsy McHugh at the Gaited Horse Judges Clinic for her observations and knowledge. She is so aware of so many nuances that I plan to be more aware of now.

Bert Wright, Judge (40+ years experience)

The Lady And Her Horse: Dr. Anne Kerr Is an Aspiring Equestrian


“It is a wonderful athletic endeavor. I’ve studied ballet and attempted basketball, so I’ve always been athletic, but this is the most fascinating discipline. … There is something new to learn every time. The joy of partnering with a horse is incredible. Heather and the Spring Lane experts are a blessing…”

From the Southern News (Florida Southern College)

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